Four Corners – A mural by AuReT

Time Lapse

So I posted to my facebook profile about a week back that I wanted to timelapse a few artists involved in murals, which in turn lead me to Chris aka AuReT. He was going to be working on a piece for the new movie “Four Corners” as part of their guerrilla advertising for the release of the film. So I decided to go check it out… I’m so glad I did
Chris is a man with a mission much the same as mine and is also in the early stages of a new career path he chose to do because it is what he really enjoys.. and it shows. I couldn’t be happier with the final products we both managed to produce.
Mural done for “Four Corners” the movie
Mural by AuReT
Track by Rattex
Composed by Markus Wormstorm for the film