Fair Chase



“Fair chase is a term used by hunters to describe an ethical approach to hunting big game animals.

North America’s oldest wildlife conservation group, the Boone and Crockett Club, defines “fair chase” as requiring hunted big game animals to be wild and free-ranging. “Wild” refers to an animal that is naturally bred and lives in nature. “Free-ranging” means an animal that is not confined by artificial barriers.

Fair chase has been the honor code of North American hunters for over a century and the principle underlying many of North American hunting laws, and is taught to new hunters in hunter certification courses.”

Description from Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_chase

James, a great human and friend of mine, asked if I would be interested in accompanying him on a hunting trip to create a short video of the experience.

There is a lot of negative stigma surrounding the ethics and principles of hunting world wide. I decided to investigate how and why he was hunting and discovered that he followed a very ethical code to the way that he approached it.

Instead of creating a short film that was just about pretty landscapes and guns, there was actually more of a story here and perhaps something that could provide a bit of insight to the type of hunting that is known as “fair chase”.

It is definitely not something that is for everyone, and I am well aware that it may offend some people, but I honestly believe his ethics and morals are true, and as someone who eats meat, there could not be a better way of obtaining that source of nutrition.

Thanks to our host David Glennie and the rest of the Glennie family for being such amazing stewards of Stockdale farm, certainly one of the finest patches of ground in our land.

Filmed and edited by Rory Allen
Sound sourced from Artlist


Canon 5D IV
Sony RX100 V
Canon 16-35 II
Tamron 70-200
Sigma 20mm
Sigma 150-600 Contemporary
Dynamic Perception Stage 1
Emotimo ST4
Came TV Optimus
Sirui tripods