The Treemendous Band – In Zambia

Music and Festivals

A few strangers who met each other while travelling on a minibus from South Africa to Livingstone in Zambia, decided to entertain themselves on this long trip, by starting a band. The Treemendous Band was born and this is one of the songs they wrote. The Treevolution Song.
A massive thank you goes out to the following awesome human beings:
Mish and Lauren from Greenpop for the invitation to come to Livingstone again this year.
Sarah Isaacs for her beautiful eye in helping to shoot this.
Oliver Brain for his ninja skills in pretty much everything he does, including shooting video.
Pete O’Donoghue for the mix, who willingly helped out on very short notice.
My brother Rio Allen, who has let me tag along over the years and pretty much taught me or given me the opportunity to learn most of what I know.
And lastly to all the radical guys from the band ( Chris, Matej, Wayne, Zama and Marshall)